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Wintertime Wall Art: DIY Decorative Wall Hangings

DIY Winter Wall Art refers to creating your own decorative artwork or wall hangings that are specifically themed around the winter season. These DIY projects typically involve crafting or artistic endeavors that result in unique and personalized wall decor that celebrates the beauty, ambiance, and elements of winter.

8 DIY Decorative Wall Hangings Ideas

As the cold season descends and we spend more time indoors, there’s no better way to embrace the cozy charm of winter than by sprucing up your living space with DIY decorative wall hangings. Winter-themed wall art adds a touch of warmth, elegance, and seasonal magic to your home. In this article, we’ll explore creative DIY ideas for wintertime wall art that can turn your space into a winter wonderland.

Snowflake String Art

DIY Snowflake String Art

String art is a versatile and visually striking craft. To create snowflake string art, you’ll need a wooden board, nails, and string in wintery shades like white, silver, or light blue. Hammer nails into the board in a snowflake pattern, then weave the string around the nails to create intricate snowflake designs. This piece of art will remind you of the delicate beauty of real snowflakes.

Framed Winter Watercolors

Watercolors Winter

Experiment with watercolors to create your own winter-inspired paintings. You can paint snowy landscapes, frosty trees, or even abstract designs in icy blues, grays, and whites. Once you’re done, frame your artwork to hang on the wall. Watercolors capture the tranquil, ephemeral essence of winter.

Birchwood Branch Art

white birch forest wall art

Nature’s beauty is on full display during the winter months, and you can bring it indoors with birchwood branch art. Collect a few birchwood branches, attach them together in a decorative pattern, and paint them in white or metallic colors. Hang this natural and rustic piece on your wall for a cozy cabin feel.

Felt and Fabric Wall Hangings

felted wall hanging fiber art wall decor

Create soft and textural wall art using felt or fabric. Cut out wintery shapes like mittens, snowflakes, or cozy scarves. Stitch or glue them onto a fabric background, and add embroidery or embellishments for extra detail. This tactile wall hanging adds warmth and a touch of whimsy to your space.

Paper Cut Art

Paper Cut Art Wall Decor

Paper cutting is a delicate and intricate craft. Choose winter-themed templates like snowflakes, deer, or pine trees and carefully cut them from white or colored paper. Mount your paper cut art in a shadow box or on a contrasting colored background for a visually captivating wall display.

Framed Winter Photography

Snowy Forest Framed Wall Art

If you enjoy photography, capture the serene beauty of winter scenes in your area. Frame your best shots, and let them transport you to the wintry landscapes even when you’re snug indoors. Winter photography can create a tranquil and reflective atmosphere.

Pine Cone Wreath Wall Hanging

Pine Cone DIY Kissing Ball

Gather pine cones and glue them together in a circular or decorative pattern to create a pine cone wreath. Hang it on your wall, and you’ll have a rustic yet elegant piece of wintertime decor.

Upcycled Sweater Wall Art

Upcycled Sweater Wall Art

Give old sweaters a new lease on life by using them as the canvas for your winter-inspired artwork. You can paint, embroider, or sew onto the sweater to create unique wall art that evokes the warmth of winter clothing.


Decorative wall hangings are an excellent way to infuse your home with the enchantment of winter. The DIY projects mentioned above allow you to personalize your decor and celebrate the season’s unique beauty. Whether it’s the sparkle of snowflakes, the warmth of natural materials, or the serenity of winter landscapes, wintertime wall art adds a special touch to your interior and creates a cozy atmosphere that makes the season truly magical. So, gather your crafting supplies and get ready to adorn your walls with DIY decorative wall hangings that capture the spirit of winter.

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