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Easy Steps To Make DIY Bendy Candles As Decors or Gifts

The bendy candles are a kind of candle that may be bent and fashioned into different models. They are fabricated from a pliable wax that may be softened by means of soaking in warm water. They are famous for their creative and amusing designs, and they may be used as decorative portions or gifts.

It appears that “bendy candles” are a popular trend on social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. Based on the tutorial you provided, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create DIY bendy candles:

Follow these steps To make DIY bendy candles:

Yellow pink bendy candles
Yellow pink bendy candles

Materials needed:

  • Taper candles made of paraffin wax (ensure they are not coated)
  • A sink or container filled with warm water


  1. Purchase taper candles
    Buy taper candles made of paraffin wax. Avoid coated candles as they may not work well for this project.
  2. Choose the right size
    You can use 8-inch or 10-inch taper candles, but longer candles (if available) might be better for more flexibility when bending.
  3. Prepare the sink or container
    Fill a sink or a container with warm water. The warm water will keep the candles pliable during the bending process.
  4. Start bending
    Submerge the taper candles into the warm water. This will make the wax more malleable and easier to bend.
  5. Shape the candles
    While the candles are in the warm water, gently bend and twist them into the desired shapes. Be careful not to apply too much force, as the candles may break.
  6. Keep the water warm
    Make sure the water remains warm while you’re bending the candles. If the water cools down, the wax may harden and become less flexible, making it more prone to breaking.
  7. Remove and let dry
    Once you’ve achieved the desired shape, carefully take the candles out of the water and let them dry. The wax should retain its new shape as it cools and solidifies.

The trend of bendy candles seems like a fun and creative way to experiment with candle designs. Just remember to exercise caution while working with hot wax and warm water. Enjoy your DIY bendy candle project!

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